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Visual map

Support for children with hearing loss

Page 1 of the Landscape map showing the experience from finding out to educationWhat is the visual map?

A picture that maps visually the supports and services for children who have hearing loss in New Zealand.

There are two parts:

  • the Landscape map - showing the experience of most families from finding out their child's hearing level, to language learning, audiology and devices through to the Deaf education system; and
  • the Education Pathways - showing the options available to your child, or children, depending on where you live.

This is the Parent Feedback Phase

The Parent feedback phase has finished, we will be publishing the final version of the visual map in July 2017.

This version of the map is for parents (and anyone who works with Deaf or Hard of Hearing children in NZ) to submit their opinions and comments about the map.

What kind of feedback are we looking for?

  • Are there parts of the maps that don't make sense? Is there something that you don't understand?
  • What key information is missing? Considering your own experiences what big picture stuff is missing from the map?
  • Does this help you understand how all the pieces fit together? Did you learn something that you didn't know already?

Watch this video clip

  • This 4 minute video tutorial explains the Visual map and how to submit your feedback.
  • There are alternative ways to give us your feedback, they are listed below the video clip.
  • There is no narration in this video clip, all instructions are on screen. There is a music soundtrack playing throughout.

How to give us your feedback

The Parent feedback phase has finished, we will be publishing the final version of the visual map in July 2017.

More information about the visual map project

Who did it?

The Ministry of Education has hosted the NZ Sign Language Sector Advisory Group (NZSL SAG) since 2015. The NZSL SAG is made up of all the organisations that are involved in the health, wellbeing and education of children who are Deaf or Hard or Hearing, there are also five Deaf adults representing the NZ Deaf community. While NZSL SAG initiated the project, in 2016 the Ministry of Education collaborated with NZFDC to consult with parents and to publish the map on this website.

Why do we need a map?

When parents and caregivers find out that their child may have a hearing loss there are a lot of mixed emotions, and there is a lot of new information to take on board.

The purpose of this map is to show clearly the options that are available to your child now, and in the future, as your child grows.

The hope is that this map will be a useful tool when parents and caregivers are talking with professionals and organisations that make up the whole 'landscape' of what it means to be a Deaf or Hard of Hearing child in NZ.

In the future

We are working on:

  • launching the final version with a NZSL interpreted introduction video;
  • creating a te reo Māori version of the map; and
  • looking at ways to make an interactive version - so that you can click links and get further information about the core areas of interest.