DCNZ’s Newsletter ‘Sounds Around’ are emailed to families who are registered Members and whom have given us their email address.

It is also distributed via our Regional Parent Groups’ email lists and a copy is made available via our Facebook page.

If you would like to receive our Newsletters directly to your email, please use our contact form on our Home page.

You can download a PDF version of each newsletter below or if you require a hard copied posted to you, please email us at info@deafchildren.org.nz

Summer 2019

The Sounds Around Summer 2019 newsletter has information about funding for families to learn NZ Sign Language, update on unilateral hearing group progress, CMV parent workshops and introduces our new community manager.

Winter 2019

The Sounds Around Winter 2019 newsletter has information about funding boost for families with new grants for speech therapy and after-school tuition; consultation on how best to provide Sign Language classes for families; Getting help early; and Unilateral (single side) hearing loss.

Spring 2018

The Sounds Around Spring 2018 newsletter has a feature on the Hawke’s Bay Families of Deaf Children Parent Group, celebrating their amazing growth from 15 to 35 families in just a few years, an article on starting school, a wrap up from the DCNZ Family Camp Weekend and AGM held in July 2018, and the Tech Corner.

Autumn 2018

The Sounds Around Autumn 2018 Newsletter has a feature article on A Year of Change for The Hearing House, report from Auckland Parents of Deaf Children, Tech Corner, NZ High School Summer Camp, Deaf Mentors and how DCNZ can assist with funding for Tutor fees, Assistive Devices & Scholarships.