The NZSL Board has generously provided funding to DCNZ to promote the learning and use of New Zealand Sign Language in daily life.

The NZSL Learning Subsidy Fund is available from now until the end of June 2020.

DCNZ will distribute the NZSL Learning Subsidy funding by application.

Individual family member

Who can apply?

The families of children who are registered with Deaf Children NZ (DCNZ) are considered our individual family members.

It’s free to become a DCNZ member and is applicable to any child who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing, aged 0-21 years, go to the Join DCNZ page on this website to complete a form. If you’re not sure if you are DCNZ members, just drop us an email at and we’ll let you know.

What can families apply for?

DCNZ can provide up to $1,200 (including GST) per family, to be used in either Term 1 and 2 of 2020 or across both terms.

What can the funding be used for?

Learning New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) in any way that suits your situation – it can be evening classes for parents and teens; family-orientated, private tuition with your child, their siblings, and any other family or whānau who spends a significant amount of time with, or cares for, your Deaf/HoH child.

Some scenarios for example:

  • at home with a private NZSL Teacher or Tutor; or
  • in a class setting, at your local high school or Community Education Centre (CEC) – these classes are suitable for adults and teens; or
  • online learning via skype or other video calling technology.

How to apply

Complete an application before midnight on Friday, 28 February 2020

Understand the Process

In a snapshot

In full detail

Please open, read and/or download our NZSL Learning Subsidy Fund Process Information Sheet [Word, 122kB] which explains the process in full.

Regional Parent Groups

Our Regional Parent Groups (RPG) will be offered a chunk of the NZSL Learning Fund to enable them to arrange family-orientated, NZSL Learning events for their members.

Each RPG committee will decide on the best way to use this funding.

If you are not already a Parent Group member, please check out the list of Parent Groups on our website, and join your local parent group. Peer support via other parents is the best way to source local information and get support with parenting a child with hearing loss.

Are you a NZSL Teacher or Tutor?

We need you!

Please register your interest to provide teaching to our members.

You will need to be flexible in your teaching delivery as our members have told us they are keen to learn family-orientated NZSL – signs used during morning routines, meal times, getting ready for school, bedtime and bath time.

Please register with DCNZ so we can match you with families in your region. If you are able to deliver online learning please let us know that on the registration form.

Need to know more?

You can contact our Community Manager, Meg Melvin via email or call/text 021 0892 7668 if you need any further information.