To register your child (up to 21 years old) and family as members of Deaf Children NZ, please complete the form below.

Membership benefits include:

Membership Kit

We will send you a Membership Kit with books and resources appropriate to your child’s age so please make sure you fill in your child’s date of birth.

We will post the Membership Kit to you at your home or postal address.

Regional Parent Group

We know that parent support is key for parents of a newly identified child, so when you complete this form, we also forward your details to your local Regional Parent Group.

There is a list of the Regional Parent Groups in the Parents section of this website.

If you do not wish for us to forward your details to your closest Parent Group, please select the tick box at the end of the form.


We send out newsletters that keep you informed of activities, events and news from the Deaf sector (Ministry of Education, Deaf Education Centres, Ministry of Health, Deaf Aotearoa etc).

Newsletters are only sent via email and will be made available to read on this website, and our Facebook page, so please make sure you enter your email address.

If you do require a print version; please tell us so we can arrange to print and post you a copy of upcoming newsletters.

Ethnicity and Hearing Level Information

We collect statistical information about our members, such as ethnicity and hearing level identification, so that we can apply for funding and grants to help us carry on the work we do.

Information is important in being able to tell your story, as part of the collective stories of Deaf and hard of hearing children in New Zealand Aotearoa.