This page has information and download documents that can help parents and caregivers when working with government agencies (or other organsations) in seeking support for your child.

Child Disability Allowance

Download a standard letter for your submission

Most Deaf or Hard of Hearing children are eligible for the Child Disability Allowance (CDA) from Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) in order to assist with some of the extra costs associated with raising a child with extra needs.

There have been many regional differences for families applying for the CDA, and in order to make this application as smooth as possible we have attached a downloadable standard letter for families to put in their details and ensure that their letter of application meets the criteria.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have worries or questions.

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From the Child Disability Allowance page on the WINZ website:

Child Disability Allowance

Child Disability Allowance is a fortnightly payment made to the main carer of a child or young person with a serious disability. It is paid in recognition of the extra care and attention needed for that child.

Who can get it

You may get a Child Disability Allowance if:

  • you are the main carer of the child (or if there is no main carer, you have care of the child for the time being)
  • you are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
  • the child has been assessed as needing constant care and attention for at least 12 months because of a serious disability
  • the child or young person is under 18.

Both you and the child should also normally live in New Zealand and intend to stay here.

You may be able to get both the Disability Allowance and the Child Disability Allowance for the same child. But you can’t get this allowance if the child already gets a benefit (expect for the Orphan’s or Unsupported Child’s Benefit). If the child is 16 or over, they may be able to get Supported Living Payment.

You can’t get a Child Disability Allowance if you get Board Payments from Child, Youth and Family for the child.