A local parent group is a fantastic way for parents to get in touch with others in their area who have first hand experience of the ups and downs of raising a deaf or hard of hearing child. Many parent groups start with a few parents meeting for coffee and a chat.

Sometimes this develops into activities or gatherings for the children to meet each other. However your local group works, many parents have found the ability to talk to others to be of huge importance.

There are currently eight established Parent groups in the following regions. There are also emerging groups being formed in Nelson/Marlborough and Southland, so their contact details are included as well. If you would like to help in the set up of these Parent Groups, please make contact through the link below.

If you are interested in getting a group of local parents together to start one up, please don’t hesitate to contact us about how to do that.

Auckland Parents of Deaf Children Inc

Bay of Plenty Association for Deaf Children Inc

Parents of Deaf Children (Taranaki) Inc

Hawkes’ Bay Families of Deaf Children Inc

Wellington Association of Deaf Children Inc

Nelson/Marlborough Emerging Parent Group


Canterbury Parents of Deaf Children Inc

South Canterbury Society for Deaf Children Inc

Otago Association for Deaf Children Inc